You bought a great HD TV few years ago which was great back then but now there are smart TVs ! so now Regular TV sucks. You want to be able to watch your digital movies, youtube, Netflix, read email and browse your favorite websites from your couch, using my big TV screen. What is the most convenient way to do this?

There is a simple solution and a cheap one instead of buying an expensive SMART TV

  • Use your videogame console: The Xbox One, PS4, XBox 360, the PS3, and the Wii U all have fairly decent multimedia functionality. In particular the PS3 and PS4, with its Blu-Ray support, Netflix and Amazon instant video, are an interesting approach. The Wii U also seems to be headed towards being a multimedia device, and it’s definitely something we will discuss. Spoiler alert: I believe the Blu Ray format is dead, and video game consoles, just like computers, use more power than they’re worth if your goal is not to play high end video games.

Even a better choice :

  • Use a dedicated, cheap box or dongle that will connect to your TV and make it a smart TV: After using the “computer” solution for years, and the “PS4” solution a bit lately, getting a dedicated dongle is the solution I came up with. There are *lots* of solutions in this area. People who want some brand name might want to go with the Apple TV (although it is extremely limited, and what you probably want is actually a jailbroken one, but these are quite expensive on eBay). or you can simply by a cheap tv box or an amazon fire stick