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There are a several major parts that are required in order to receive television broadcasts. They include an image source, a sound source, a transmitter, a receiver, a display device, and a sound device.

Broadcast TV vs. Satellite TV and Cable TV

There are three main ways to receive TV programming, one is through broadcast television and the other two are through satellite and cable TV.

Broadcast TV

Broadcast TV is when audio and video signals are transmitted over the air waves from a ground based transmitter. These signals are usually picked up for free and are on specific frequency spectra.

Satellite TV

Satellite TV is usually a digital TV signal that is broadcast from a satellite orbiting the earth. They are usually pay services that require special equipment to receive programming and operate on special frequencies.

Cable TV

Cable TV is a pay TV service that sends out signals not over the air, but through cable that runs from the cable company to the viewer’s home. Many cable types, from copper to fiber optic cables, are used. The signal can be analog or digital.

Check the List of television networks by country and stay updated .

Television networks by country

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